Basic Art Direction Lessons

If a art director get lost, you can simplify the shot into one line (usually the horizon line). Then you can use contrast and affinity of line to orchestrate the intensity changes of the scene.

Controlling shape involves careful examination of the basic shoes of all the objects you place in front of the camera. Look at an object's silhouette, not the object itself.

Create visual unity and visual structure in your production:
1. The actor.
If the actors are reduced to silhouettes, what basic shape do they become?
2. The location or set.
What shape is the space you're going to shoot in?
3. The set dressing and props.
On the set, what is the basic shape of a chair, a couch, or a table lamp? Do the shapes communicate the correct emotional mood?
4. Lighting.
How can lighting change the basic shapes or add additional ones?

Notes from "The Visual Story" by Bruce Block

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